Credenza Sideboard

Credenza Sideboard

A sideboard is a traditional piece of furniture used in the dining room. It serves as a display for serving dishes and also functions as a storage space for other items. Usually made of oak or cherry wood, sideboards are a wonderful addition to any dining room. There are many styles of sideboards available for every taste and decorating style.


This Credenza sideboard features a classic and striking design with bold colors and patterns. Its curved silhouette is supported by thin legs and adorned with a lacquered metal structure. The front panels are made from stained glass and take their inspiration from Gerhard Ritcher’s famous windows, which feature colorful rays of light.

If you are looking for an elegant sideboard, you may want to consider the Zelouf + Bell credenza, which has the features of both a sideboard and a modern table. It features an elegant design and generous storage compartments. This type of sideboard would look equally at home in a dining room or a living room.

Another elegant credenza is the Sloan Credenza. Made from 100% Baltic Birch with a matt eco-solvent finish, this piece is precision-milled to reduce waste and increase durability. It also includes a centered interior vertical panel and adjustable horizontal shelf. The Sloan Credenza also boasts a signature soft-close door system for long-term protection.

When choosing the perfect credenza sideboard, you need to determine its function in your home. If you need a large sideboard for storing items, choose one with sliding drawers. A small one is a good option for a living room or home office. You can place it in a hallway for easy access to items.

Credenza sideboards are a classic and versatile storage piece in any room. They can be used for delicate dishes and linens, as well as decorative pieces. They can also add a little extra space to your room for displays. While these pieces are often confused with a sideboard and a buffet, they are their own type of furniture.

Aside from serving as a functional piece of furniture, credenzas are also used as a media center in the dining room. Unlike a hutch, a credenza sideboard is made to stand alone. The differences between these two types of sideboards are subtle but distinct.

A sideboard is similar to a credenza, but is slightly taller. It is often supported by short legs, while a credenza has legs that extend to the floor. A sideboard can work well in a dining room or foyer behind a sofa. A sideboard typically has storage drawers and shelves on its sides and can also come with a hutch for additional storage.

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